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Jean Urban of Patriot Poodles is, by far, the best breeder I've found in my exhaustive search for an honest, dedicated, responsible and ethical breeder of red/apricot standard poodles. Located in Arkansas, she's definitely the superior breeder there and, perhaps, in the U.S.  

Aside from being devoted to the dogs with meticulous standards, she is so easy to communicate with.  After experiencing some rather challenging characters in the breeding world, it was refreshing to discover a conscientious individual who was particular about who gets one of her exquisite puppies, yet was very generous with her time and energy to insure everyone in the process was treated well.  

She doesn't need to toot her own horn...she earns the recognition and accolades by doing the hard work!  Her achievements in the show ring speak volumes as does her passion for the breed itself.  

My husband and I were looking for a healthy, even-tempered standard poodle with an outstanding pedigree. She does so much more than most breeders when it comes to health and temperament testing.  Thankfully, we found Jean at Patriot Poodles!!!  Cassie has been a delight and then some!!!  We couldn't be more thrilled!

Sincerely, Sheri Maloney, South Carolina

Cassie - Bindi x Baron litter 2015

Cassie Cassie Cassie

  Patriot Poodles owner, Jean Urban, is the breeder a buyer dreams of finding! As I was searching for another poodle to add to our home, I knew I wanted more than Champion Bloodlines (as important as that is); I wanted an honest, dedicated breeder that was truly interested in the home the puppy would be living in, what my goals were and how I planned on achieving those goals. She wanted me to succeed well after the puppy left her. Her dedication to the breed is so evident once you talk with her. Jean is truly the “total package.”
  I have contacted her numerous times with questions and she is always willing to help. She is so generous with her time and knowledge. Her dedication to the breed is obvious once the conversation begins with her. Her achievements in the show ring are a testament to her hard work and tireless commitment to these beautiful canines.
I am so fortunate to have found Jean and even more thrilled that she trusted me with one of her lovely canines.  Our home is shared with Patriot’s Lucky Charm R-FE/N, ETD aka “ Bevviin” (2014 litter) and I am so fortunate to have her in my life.
  Connie Large, Illinois
  Bindi x Jake Litter 2014
  Dear Jean,
We have had Sunny for five months now. He is such a cute and smart puppy to say nothing about what a beautiful boy he is. He is potty trained and lets me know when he needs to go outside. Our other poodle, Zoie, that we also got from you makes a wonderful big sister. Zoie has put up with all of his puppy antics and they play for hours outside. She was the reason that when we decided to get another standard poodle, Partiot Poodles was our choice. Both of our Patriot Poodle puppies where ready for their new homes. As I write to you both Zoie and Sunny are sitting by my side. We use Zoie as a service dog and when I put her service vest on her, her attitude changes and she is all business. I am starting to train Sunny as a service dog also. Both Zoie and Sunny learn commands so quickly that they make me look like a real trainer! Both poodles love to go hiking with me and I hike with them off leash. When I call they both come running. When Zoie hikes with my hiking club and she stays right with me. Everyone is won over to how wonderful standards are. If I do not bring her everyone wants to know where is Zoie.
  I wanted a large black standard to be my hiking buddy and this time we wanted a smaller standard who loves to cuddle and hike also. You hit the nail on the head both times! They are just perfect for us.
  Both poodles are not bothered by guns and love to retrieve, love the water, and are very quick and athletic in their movements. One day we were at a dog show and there was a frizzbe exhibition. Zoie sat there and watched intently for a few minutes and then her attitude became "I can do that!" It was very interesting to watch her. If I were younger I would have both Zoie and Sunny in events.
  Thank you for Zoie and Sunny!
Theresa K.
Hot Springs Village, AR
"Zoie"  Bindi x Kodi Litter 2012 "Sunny" Bindi x Baron Litter 2015

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